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As some of you may have noticed, I have been MIA for awhile. Some days I just do not feel like writing or posting. Other days, I have so many ideas that before I can even get the computer out to start typing a new idea pops up into my mind. In the end, nothing ends up being written. I have no true excuses for why I do not post more frequently. I cannot blame it on the baby or a hectic work schedule. I just have not.

After some introspection and reflection on the blog I realized that I am just not happy with the way that it looks, the traffic I receive, etc. I have finally decided to do something about it. My absence here most likely means I am working on the new site, working to get it to look exactly like I want it to and to communicate exactly what I feel God is leading me to say. To say that I am excited about this change is an understatement. I just pray that it will bless people and bring all the Glory to my heavenly Father. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see or ideas for posts, etc. please let me know! I will occasionally post here before relaunching the site and I hope that you all will follow me over at the new site once it is ready.

So, essentially, I am taking some time to reboot with the expectation of coming back stronger, better, and different. Thank you for your patience!

Marriage Mondays: Strong Foundation

Every other day it seems like someone is getting engaged, married, or having a baby. Of course I know that it is not an epidemic and that it truly is just the season of life that many of us are in right now. In all the excitement of starting something new, moving to new levels, and adding to families I cannot help but think about the importance of a strong foundation.

Psalm 127:1 reads, “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” I personally, never want anything that I do to be in vain especially when it comes to my marriage and family so the foundation piece has always been super important for Joe and I.

We have definitely been through some things in these past few years and I know that the reason we are still happily married is because of that foundation in Christ. It is our goal to continuously work to ensure that Jesus is the center of all that we do. When we first got married we quickly learned that our love was not going to get us through the difficult times. But isn’t that such a cute thought? Our love will see us through! Hmmmph… yea right!

When I am upset with Joe, when I am offended, or hurt my love for him does not always overpower my emotions. Many times my emotions temporarily win that battle and things get worse before they get better. Then I remember that my marriage is a covenant between God, Joe, and myself and my perspective almost always shifts immediately. I am blessed to be married to a man that understands that same concept and it has made things a bit easier to handle. When we found out that we lost Nia the first thing that we did was grab hands and pray together. It was in those moments that I realized how crucial having Christ at the center of our marriage was. Things for sure are not always perfect, but I know that our foundation is set firmly in Christ and that makes everything better.

Being About It

Photo Credit: Fixed Focal Photography

A little while ago, I wrote a post about praying friends. In that post, I talked about the importance of it and how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who love you enough to include you in their prayers to God. Lately, my family and I have been going through so many things. Throughout it all, I have had two friends who not only said, “I will be praying for you guys!”, but they actually stopped what they were doing and did it.

Far too often, we say that we will pray for someone and it never happens. We act as though we have done a great deed when we utter those words and the person on the other end smiles kindly and says, “Thank you.” What is it that stops us from dropping whatever we are doing, placing a hand on their shoulder, and praying? What is it that is so important that we cannot place the needs of our friends in front of our own temporarily?

For awhile, I personally had a fear of praying in front of others. I did not want people to hear my intimate and private thoughts. I was afraid that I would sound silly or not churchy enough. Would I recite the correct phrases? Would I remember to place emphasis on the right words? Would I remember to input some scripture so they would know that I read my Bible? What if I got tongue-tied or stuttered?

What I have finally realized is that none of that matters. When my friend placed her hands on my shoulder and prayed for me in the midst of what I was feeling and thinking, I instantly felt a sense of peace. My other friend actually texted a prayer to me and I was instantly comforted. There is power in prayer and peace that comes from knowing that others are standing with you through prayer. Joe and I always joke around about “talking about it” vs “being about it.” I want to encourage you to “be about it” today and to also hold me accountable for doing the same. It is time to step out of our comfort zones and into a place where God can truly use us to be a blessing to others.

Summer Adventures Update

It is so hard to believe that it is already July! I looked at our Summer Adventures list and realized that we have not made much progress. But, progress has been made! So far, we have gone to Savannah/Tybee Island and Mayfield Dairy Farms and we enjoyed ourselves immensely at both! Here are a few pictures of our visit to Mayfield Dairy Farms.  Come back for more! Up next is Savannah/Tybee Island and the World of Coca-Cola!

Mayfield Dairy Farms

I was so excited to see this sign! This location is actually only a few miles down the road from Chateau Elan.
This was a fairly inexpensive little outing, costing less than $10 for both of us which included our scoops of ice cream. The tour starts with a video detailing the history of the company and then you go through the facility. We were able to see firsthand milk being processed, tested, and packaged for delivery to schools and grocery stores.
We learned so much about the differences in cows and the type of milk they produce. The brown cow featured on many of their products is a jersey cow, which produces a richer more fatty milk. Nowadays, they use a different type of cow that produces milk that is less fatty.


The name of this place can definitely be misleading. This actually is not a farm, it is a factory. Unfortunately, there are no real cows or any animals for that matter on the property.
IMG_3476 There was, however, a pretend barn set up, with a pretend cow, that you could pretend to milk. LOL!
Everyone had to wear hairnets throughout the building. And if you were a man with a beard, you also had to wear a beard net. Poor Joe, but he still looks so cute!
Our little guy slept through the entire tour. He woke up just in time for Joe and I to get our ice cream.
All in all, it was a nice outing. I would love to come back when Nehemiah is a little older and can enjoy the experience. Joe and I really enjoyed ourselves, we especially enjoyed the ice cream! Although, it was not made at this location, it certainly tasted super fresh! Maybe it was all in our minds!




Stop Signs and Red Lights

A few months ago, Nehemiah went through this phase where he did not like to sit still in his carseat… at all. It seemed as though he felt like carseat = movement/driving/etc and if he was not doing any of those things he should not have been in it. One evening as we were riding home we came to a stop light and he began to get upset. I started to speak to him about being patient. As I was talking, I realized that there was a message in those words for me. I told him how sometimes God places red lights and stop signs in certain places to protect us, comfort us, save us, etc. Those pauses in life may come at the most inopportune times from our point of view, but they are essential. It is during those times that we grow and learn. We have the opportunity to take a look back at where we have been and to focus on where we are headed.
I am starting to learn to appreciate those brief pauses in the road. I am learning to see those red lights and stop signs as blessings instead of obstacles that I must hop over immediately. I am beginning to view them as God’s way of saying “hold on one second… its almost ready for you”, or “you are almost ready” or even “watch out!” I am thankful that Nehemiah has learned to be patient at those stop signs and red lights. My prayer is that I would be able to apply the same principles to my everyday life.