Summer Adventures Update

It is so hard to believe that it is already July! I looked at our Summer Adventures list and realized that we have not made much progress. But, progress has been made! So far, we have gone to Savannah/Tybee Island and Mayfield Dairy Farms and we enjoyed ourselves immensely at both! Here are a few pictures of our visit to Mayfield Dairy Farms.  Come back for more! Up next is Savannah/Tybee Island and the World of Coca-Cola!

Mayfield Dairy Farms

I was so excited to see this sign! This location is actually only a few miles down the road from Chateau Elan.
This was a fairly inexpensive little outing, costing less than $10 for both of us which included our scoops of ice cream. The tour starts with a video detailing the history of the company and then you go through the facility. We were able to see firsthand milk being processed, tested, and packaged for delivery to schools and grocery stores.
We learned so much about the differences in cows and the type of milk they produce. The brown cow featured on many of their products is a jersey cow, which produces a richer more fatty milk. Nowadays, they use a different type of cow that produces milk that is less fatty.


The name of this place can definitely be misleading. This actually is not a farm, it is a factory. Unfortunately, there are no real cows or any animals for that matter on the property.
IMG_3476 There was, however, a pretend barn set up, with a pretend cow, that you could pretend to milk. LOL!
Everyone had to wear hairnets throughout the building. And if you were a man with a beard, you also had to wear a beard net. Poor Joe, but he still looks so cute!
Our little guy slept through the entire tour. He woke up just in time for Joe and I to get our ice cream.
All in all, it was a nice outing. I would love to come back when Nehemiah is a little older and can enjoy the experience. Joe and I really enjoyed ourselves, we especially enjoyed the ice cream! Although, it was not made at this location, it certainly tasted super fresh! Maybe it was all in our minds!




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